forsaken fetus foreskin (torturous) wrote,
forsaken fetus foreskin

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you got soul, dawg.

[pappabubba] wuz up
[mutilatedcorpse] yeah?
[pappabubba] you got soul
[mutilatedcorpse] pardon me?
[pappabubba] soul
[mutilatedcorpse] what the fuck are you talking about, are you asking a question or making a statement
[pappabubba] do you got soul mutherfucker
[mutilatedcorpse] does my name look like I listen to soul music you fucking spook
[pappabubba] you need to lay of the coffee
[mutilatedcorpse] and you need to be hung from a tree
[pappabubba] i just ask you a question
[mutilatedcorpse] you axe me a question dawg
[pappabubba] damn is it that bad
[mutilatedcorpse] I don't speak jiggabo, outta here.
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