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Urine drinker booted from job as crossing guard

Drinking your own urine? Orland Park police have no problem with that.

But drink it in a front-page newspaper article while wearing your crossing
guard uniform complete with official police insignia, and there will be

Ed Danis, the 84-year-old Orland Park "urine therapy" devotee featured in a
Jan. 29 Southtown story, has been suspended from his job as a crossing guard,
effective Wednesday.

Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy, whose department oversees the
part-time guards, said Danis had been warned in writing twice before that he was
not allowed to espouse his beliefs while on duty or in his uniform.

"It has nothing to do with urine therapy," McCarthy said. "People cannot go
around in Orland Park police uniforms speaking out on any issues."

McCarthy said the same actions would be taken if Danis had attended a
political fundraiser in uniform.

Danis appeared in his uniform in three photos that accompanied the Jan. 29
story, though the Orland Park police insignia arm patch is only visible in one
shot. The photos were taken inside Danis' apartment while he was off-duty.

Danis has been a crossing guard in town for 13 years, serving most recently
as a guard near Kruse Elementary School, he said.

"I've never taken a day off," he said. "I'm one of the senior guards, one of
their best employees."

Danis confirmed that he had been disciplined twice before for discussing
urine therapy while on duty. The most recent incident happened in February 2004
when a fellow guard complained after Danis suggested that her friend gargle her
own urine to cure a sore throat, he said.

Danis said a police sergeant who supervises the crossing guards asked him
Wednesday to resign or face being fired this week. Danis refused to resign and
contacted a lawyer.

McCarthy said "the matter will be resolved shortly."

Though Danis said he'd miss the $13-an-hour, 20-hour-a-week job, he is
comforted through urine therapy.

"I told you that nothing bothers me anymore" since he started drinking about
18 ounces of his own urine daily about 12 years ago.

Danis is convinced that the medical establishment is trying to keep urine
therapy a secret.

"I think someone in the medical lobby got to the chief of police," he said.
"They don't want this out."

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